Friday, June 1, 2012

recovery and moving on

It has been about 8 weeks since U100.  Total toenail count is down by 6.  The peeling of my feet is about done, and by all other accounts I should be "back to normal"

But as of late, something has not felt quite normal.  It has been a tough recovery.  I took far too much time off with travel and with work, and now I feel like I am starting from scratch again.  It is frustrating.  

I missed out on May Madness because of various reasons, and I could have used the miles as well as the support and encouragement from the MTC folks.  There is nothing like running miles with friends that brings up your spirit!

I don't have anything big yet on the calendar for this year, and that is probably part of my 'problem'.  I am very much goal oriented and if I don't have something to strive for I start to lose focus.  I had a clear plan earlier this year with working towards U100, and despite an ITB injury in late December, and low miles going into it, I finished!  Low miles and torn up feet are also the reasons it took me so long to recover.  

A couple races are on the horizon - I plan to be at The Bethel Hill Midnight Boogie helping out and being a pacer.  Hinson Lake/Amy's birthday party will be fun.  I plan to run 39 easy miles.  I have not signed up yet, but will for either OBX or City of Oaks in November.  The goal is to sub 4.  Hopefully 3:50 ish. 

I have a long term goal.  That is BQ at Tobacco Road - March 2013.  Turning 40 and qualifying for Boston the same year - oh yeah!!  :D  My time would have to be 3:40 - well actually 3:35 in order to have a chance of registering a few days early to guarantee a spot.  Right now that seems so far off.  I have done ultras for so long that I am better qualified for running 50 than to hold 8:12 splits for 26.2 miles.  

Yesterday was great.  I started out with a 6am yoga class, went out for 6 holy hot miles at Umstead at 3pm, then met up with the NCRC group at 6:30 for another 3.25 warmish miles.  It was just what I needed to move on.  

Now that I have 'vented' I feel like I can move on to the next thing.  With summer here, and hopefully a lighter work schedule, I can start back in with some good miles and cross training.  (look out for a lot of daily mile posts!)  I have several friends that want to log miles with me this summer and we will sweat through it.  I am looking forward to it. 

Here is to an awesome summer, building strength, speed, and logging many sweaty miles with my running friends.  *cheers*


  1. Welcome back Amy! Look forward to seeing you 'out there'

    Good luck with your BQ mission

  2. I have no doubt you can do 3:50 in the fall and BQ in the spring. You have it in you! Hope to see you out on the trails!