Monday, March 11, 2013

Pre Tobacco Road Marathon - BQ thoughts.....

I am a dreamer...  Many of you know that already.  I set lofty goals and strive hard to achieve them, most times with success.

In 6 days, I set out on a 26.2 journey.  Yes, I have run a marathon before, but this one is just a little bit different... Read on....

In November 2012, I ran the OBX marathon just to get a grasp on where I was at with my training.  My goal for it was sub 4.  Clearly that was not in the cards.  I took a lot of time off during the summer, went on a 3 week detox eating plan in August, and then started training in September. Mid race I changed the goal, and pushed those last miles to get a PR of 4:05.  Not much of a PR, but nearly 2 minutes better.  
Since then I have worked hard and put a lot of time into training for this one event.  Many, many miles, hours sweating it out in yoga, and even more hours of circuit training at Arrichion.  Lots of sweat produced and many calories burned (and lots of cookies eaten).  Many of those high mileage weeks were with my friend and coach, Joey by my side.  

Fast forward 4 months with good training.  Joey and I run a FAST half marathon at Myrtle Beach.  Took nearly 17 minutes off my previous race PR.  Who does that??  Is that even possible?  I am so used to running 'slow' these past few years, that seeing "7:53" average pace for a 13.1 still boggles my mind.  

I will tell you this, what I have learned over the past 4 months is that increasing my weekly mileage, having intense speed work or hill workouts, and cross training changed my speed significantly.  It is tough.  I have been pushed nearly to my "puking point", nearly passed out in circuit class early on, and other days struggled to breathe.  I have run in the cold, rain, sun, wind, I think we saw snow one day, and yes, even nice days too.

Clearly we have "studied" for this "test".  Sunday morning is the "finals" of sorts.  It doesn't matter what the weather brings, we have trained in it all.  I recall my first marathon being in a cold downpour of a rain....  Still, like the other runners who have signed up for it, we are all hoping for good weather :) 

This is my goal - take nearly 25 minutes off my best marathon time that I set 4 months ago.  Go from 4:05 to 3:35-3:40.  My BQ time is 3:45, but in order for Joey to qualify he needs 3:40 so we are in this together - sub 3:40 for the both of us.  Start out at an easy pace (ha - good luck holding me back Joey!) then stick with 8:15 if I remember right. 

I have been blessed to be able to have a job where I can get away and run often, family and friends who support me and my (crazy) running habit, and even more blessed to have a running partner, coach and friend who has pushed me along to the point where I am now.  He and I have encouraged each other along these past few months, through some really tough workouts and both of us have come out much stronger in the end.  Granted, some days I would not have as much strength as I hoped because of the increased mileage to really nail the workout, but other days, we KILLED it and went over and above what "the plan" for the day was.  

I am unsure what Sunday holds, but I can assure you that I have put in the time and effort to do well.  

Hoping for good weather, good health, and a BQ time for both of us.  Whatever happens, if it rains, or I get a cold, or who knows... this has been a great learning experience.  

I will give it my all and push for Boston. 


  1. I sooooo hope this happens!! It should with all your work and effort!

  2. Great post Amy. I'll be there cheering you and Joey on to your new BQ finish!!

  3. Run and not be weary. All the best Amy and Joey!