Wednesday, May 22, 2013

nope, its not a race, just a random complement

I was sitting on the bench waiting for the circuit class to start when a lady I saw at Mondays class approached me.  The conversation went something like this:

Her: did you do sports in college?

me: no, I was recruited to do cross country, but never pursued it...

Her:  are you a professional athlete?

me: aaah, no but I do run.  I am not elite or even sub elite.  I am trying to qualify for Boston though.  I have a race next week.

Her: I knew you did something.  I was telling a friend about you the other day after seeing you work out Monday.  You are like "Amazon woman" ---  no wait, I mean that in a good way!! ----  (insert me laughing here).  You were lifting a lot of weight Monday and keeping up with many of the guys and even lifting more than many folks in class. (she must have seen Dunbar put the 35# weight on my back during plank like he was doing with the other stronger guys).

Me: (blushing and kinda in shock, taking it in that she was taking notice).  thx :)

Her: *as her friend walks up* Hey!  this is the girl I was telling you about the other day! 

And the conversation continued....  

I really "brought it" at circuit today in part from that complement.  She was right behind me throughout the class!  Now I had to live up to that title, right?  lol!

I need to somehow get it through my head that I am not the same 4:35 marathon runner I was 4 years ago or the ♪ "Everyday I'm Shufflin" ♫ ultrarunner.  I have been working hard these past few months and have gotten stronger and have even been breaking PR's.  So why am I having a hard time seeing that I am and have moved to another level?  For some reason, I still see a different person in the mirror.   Some days I think "what in the world am I doing? u crazy?  Its a chasing after the wind!"  Other days its "I have this BQ no problem"

Its times when I receive a sincere random complement from essentially a stranger it assures me that, hey, I am a stronger person physically than I once was and I am certainly on the right path for that BQ dream.  

I was running Saturday with Joey and not having a particularly good run.  We we passed two folks and one said "one day we will be like you".   I was havin an off day and yet, that is not what he saw.  He saw 2 folks movin along pretty good along the greenway.  That helped me through the last few miles.  
I am still laughing at the "Amazon Woman" comment....  probably will for most of the day - lol!  


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