Monday, June 8, 2015

NCRC Classic Half Marathon - May 17, 2015

several of the volunteer pacers for this event
Another opportunity to pace! 

A good opportunity to redeem myself for not bringing my peeps in "on time" at Tobacco Road. I still have a hard time with that one, but am ok with it only because I was still able to bring in a new runner who otherwise might not have finished.  

Pacing is something I love to do.  Is it easy?  For me its not hard...  It takes some work but I love doing it.  For me its about giving back to a great running community and helping many first timers through a tough race. 

Race morning dawned with good weather.  A little warm but not too bad.  

Justin and I
Amanda was the pace group leader.  She "set me up" with another pacer named Justin for the 2:20 group.  Each pace group had 2 people this year.  I thought it was a good call!  

Umstead is a tough course to pace.  Lots of hills to take into account.  Last year there were no mile markers so I had to rely on garmin only for distance but this year they had mile markers so it was much easier!

We started off with a big group of folks.  I did my usual thing with the runners and Justin and we laughed and joked and kept a good pace going.  For a while we didn't have anyone running with us so it was just him and I talking and checking up on folks who were walking or having a tough time.  Gotta make sure that the runners are doing good!   

Water stops were energetic and had great volunteers!  

Brought in the first timers!  :D
We saw both the pacers for 2:10 drop.  We considered letting Justin move on to the 2:10 group and me keeping the 2:20 but he didn't have the 2:10 sign and that idea was dismissed. So we set a new goal to bring the peeps in between 2:10 and 2:20 but closer to 2:20.

The last few miles we had a good group of folks.  Many first timers. Together we talked them through it and got them to the finish - 2:18 and change.  Not too bad considering the hills :)  Its tough to pace!

Good friends!
Stayed for a long while afterwards hanging out with friends and taking it all in.  Another good day at Umstead and with good friends.  


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