Thursday, March 10, 2016

Snoopys social run February 28, 2016

Snoopys run 2016
Have been making this an annual event since it started a few years back!  NCRC and Snoopy's Hot Dogs have a yearly social run where you start at the Snoopy's at Meredith, run to the one down Hillsborough, then finish at Whitaker Mill... and yes, eating hot dogs along the way :)  

Made this a "double dog" with Ken.  10.2 miles round trip.  Parked at the Whitaker Mill location and had a good 5 mile run to the Meredith location.  Waited there for a while for the rest of the group to show up and talked with fellow Jeepers in the parking lot while we waited.  Lots of people showed up!  The weather was fantastic! 

Had a chili dog and ran our way to the second location... and yelled cadence in the construction tunnel on Hillsborough - laughing along the way.

Kinda did a run walk back to the third location.  It was a very warm day for February and with full bellies, just enjoyed the day, the company and the run.

Thanks to Snoopy's and NCRC for doing this again - free food and door prizes!  Great crowd this year - and the weather was exceptional!   :D

In addition, $1600 was raised for SPCA of Wake County!  

Cara, me, Ken and G

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