Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Myrtle Beach Half Marathon - Februrary 14 2015

no, its NOT warm!  48* water temp...
Here it is nearly a week and a half post Myrtle Beach and I am still smiling from the great time that we all had. Can I have a do-over? Ready for another one!  :D This weekend is not so much about the run, as it is the running friends and time around the race.  Sorry it took so long to write!  Crazy how once I get back the speed of life catches up with me...  I hope you are not expecting details about the race, cause its more about the social all around that 2 hours of running...  :)  I will let the pictures do a lot of the talking.  Had a great weekend with great friends! 
1Red shoe realty - post polar plunge!

I left work early Friday to get to the expo before it closed.  Of course the drive took longer than I wanted it to, and I was quite excited to get there...  Luckily I carpooled with Steve who drove, and I *maybe* had a red oak or 2 on the way which took off the edge... ;)

Made it to the expo and picked up our bibs along with Mike's and Dave's who left later than we did.  We met up with them later that night. 

Met up with a group of friends for dinner Lee, Ginger, Duke, Missy and Steve.  Ginger made some great spaghetti for a pre run feast.  Good food and friends!  Great way to start the weekend!

Checked into the Breakers hotel late, and got a few hours of sleep before the run. 

I met up with the NCRC group downstairs and walked to the start line.  It was cold.  As we were leaving I said, lets get this run out of the way so we can enjoy the weekend - lol!  I knew it was going to hurt.  My mileage had been down all winter and I haven't run more than 10 miles since CR24 in November.  The walking helped to keep us warmed up for the run, but still, it was cold. 

I like that vac n dash takes pics!! :D
I checked my bag at the last minute and got in the line for the run.  I was excited, but even more excited because it was the half marathon and not the full - lol!  I ran the full last year with *thin* hopes to BQ but that ended at mile 3....  so yeah, happy to run the half this time!

I started off slow for that first mile to warm up, then found a good pace right around 8:30-8:45.  Had the chance to run with some fun peeps!  Laughed, ran, and sang.  Doesn't get much better!  Tried to keep up with Mike Walsh but he had it goin on and took off.  Ended up running most of it on my own - aside from the first few miles with NCRC folks. 

Rebecca, Sally and Dave at the finish
Erika, Jenn, Rebecca and I
I kept a pretty steady pace. It wasn't easy cause I was not in that great of shape anymore but I pushed along. Started running with a girl I didn't know for a couple miles.  She had her earbuds in loud so when I tried to talk to her she couldn't hear me well.  I could tell she was strugglin.  She took her earbud out for just a sec and I encouraged her and told her that she had this and that she was doin great.  I had it in my mind to stick with her the rest of the race.  She said to me this is your race, you don't have to run with me - go for it!  so at some point about mile 11 I was antsy and wanted to be done.  I started pickin up the pace and was hopin she would stay with me.  I kept looking back to see if she was keeping up but she had fallen back....  I felt bad takin off.... 

Duke, Me, Lee, Stephen, Steve, Ginger and Mark - MTC!
I was feelin good, and passing a lot of people.  Love this part of the race where I am able to pick it up and pass "reelin them in!" I was very glad to finally get to the finish, and even more thankful that it was "just the half".  My goal was sub 2:00 and I finished 1:55.  Very happy with that - all things considered!

I waited at the finish line to see if that other girl was going to finish but never saw her...  :(  I did see Paula, Jenn and Steve finish right around that 2:00 mark.  :)

Jerry, Mark, Steve, Duke, Stephen, Lee and Dave
And for the part I had been waiting for all year.  Chillin at the finish throwin a few back, dancin to the band and hangin out with friends.  A few of us started dancing with another group of runners.  Never did catch their names, but it was a good good time. 

Olga, Dave (laughing), Rebecca, Blanca, Bill, Charles, Steve and me
We hung out together for several hours drinking, socializing and dancing before heading back towards the hotel to get some lunch.  We stopped at a place right next to the hotel that had some good food.  

This girl is da best <3 :)

proof! Dave, Olga, me and Rebecca
Then it was time.  Yes, it's tradition.  Last year I did it solo, but this year I had 3 others do it with me...  The post race polar plunge and man this year it was the coldest!  Dave, Olga and Rebecca joined me and I was thankful for their support.  lol!  Water temp was 48* brrrrr!!!

After that wade into the ocean it was run to the jacuzzi.  Ahh yes.......  started to doze off til Dave said - lets jump into the unheated pool.  You know me, I'm up for a challenge...  It was there, it wanted to...  So we did.  It was colder than the ocean!!!! o_o  And we did it, not once but twice for good measure - lol!  The crazy things we do to feel alive.  :D  it hurt but in a crazy awesome kind of a way...

Paula, me, Dave, Elizabeth, Jenn and Rebecca - Cheers!  :D
Jenn, myself, Dave and George and I "dancing"  LOL!!
Went back to the room, got cleaned up and headed back out to House of Blues.  There were more friends there to hang out with, more spirits, and more dancing.  Did you know runners are great dancers?  TRUTH!  Who knew??  HA!  I could have danced to that cover band all night!  Just when it was getting really good they stopped playing.  awww!  We stayed, drank some more and waited for the Kiss cover band.  They were good but wasn't as into it as the cover band.  We stayed for a while then went to the arcade to watch and participate in a killer round of air hockey - ha!  

We were starved, and it was only about 11:00 but all the food establishments nearby were closed.  So we all went to bed and got up early and hit the breakfast buffet across the street before heading home.  

Air hockey competition - who was the champion?  PAULA!
So yeah, this was more of a social blog post than it was a running one, but that is the nature of this event.  I go for the fun around the race and not so much for the race itself.  Its been that way for years.  It is a big event for NCRC as a weekend away and has been for many years.  I am very disappointed that they are moving the race to March.  :(  It was a great time of year for a weekend getaway and it didn't interfere with the spring local running events.  Now there are other local races to think about instead of MB.  Will I come back?  I don't know......  If they kept it in February I would.  I will have to see what March brings next year...  

Til the next race, cheers!

me, a pole, a medal, and restrooms.  lol!